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Hence we are living in the world of electronic equipment, we necessitate batteries to run our movable form of electronic media and for safety purpose batteries are kept in battery boxes. Battery boxes are mostly of square or rectangular shape, small, medium or huge, depending upon battery which is kept inside. Battery boxes have mostly two openings either from top or from side, often a lock is existing by forming a slit on the box which ensures that box would not open automatically. Often batteries are exported or imported by means of shipping so battery boxes should be sturdy enough to keep the battery in its place and some foamy stuffing is made inside to avoid smash up for the reason that if battery is damaged then acid spill may occur as batteries enclose acid in it. A battery box should be well laminated as well as leak proof so to avoid damage by acid spills. Battery boxes have printed company name, mail i.d, place of made, barcode, safety procedure, volts and watts are also mentioned on battery boxes, simply battery box has every probable detail of the battery inside it. Usboxprinting offers such type of battery boxes and packaging which guarantee safety during shipping.
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Our battery boxes are made from good paperboard quality and also from cardboard and are leak proof and laminated by good quality lamination. Battery boxes for weighty batteries are made from finest cardboard which is strong enough and packaging is done like foamy case is present inside the box to keep the battery safe inside from chocking hazards and battery box is offered with a plastic handle on the top of the box, making it easy to handle. We offer decorative, die-cut window, hexagon, glued sleeve, pillow pack, seal end and eco-friendly battery boxes. We provide free matte or glossy lamination and barcodes and aqueous effects are also given on customer’s demand. We don’t charge any fee for die cut or set up so to be bestowed from our attractive collection contact us on our site.
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