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Cardboard boxes are pre-fabricated boxes and are multifunctional but mostly used for packaging and shipping of goods. Cardboard is formed by card stock and corrugated fiberboard, rendering it durable and tamper free. Cardboard boxes are used to contain cereals cardboard boxes, cigarette cardboard box, corrugated cardboard box, starage cardboard box, shipping cardboard box, cardboard box for milk, cardboard box for drinks etc. Good quality cardboard boxes are tested for vibration, shock and compression before sending it to the customer as cardboard may be used for shipping of food items so these are moisture resistant so that to avoid food spoilage, electronics and glass items are also transported through cardboard boxes so it should strong enough to keep the things holded at their place and it should be stuffed with foams so avoid the breakage hazards, chemical liquids are also kept in cardboard boxes so it should leak proof so that it may not harm other boxes as well as the ship. Moreover cardboard boxes should be made from eco-friendly material  and should be recycable. We design cardboard boxes with utmost care and hard work so that our product must match with customer’s satisfaction.
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We manufacture single face cardboard boxes, single wall cardboard boxes and double wall cardboard boxes and triple wall cardboard boxes. Regular slotted cardboard box, cardboard box with corrugated trays, half slotted cardboard box, die cut cardboard box, fulloverlap cardboard box, roll end tuck top cardboard box, all these types are used for high stacking strength and are puncture free. We also mention bursting test result,nature of prduct inside, gross weight limit and size limit underneath the box for customer’s satisfaction. We use flexography to print cardboard boxes like flexo line flexo process, label laminate, flood coating, litho laminate, screen print just for free. Besides we provide free lamination and shipping of our boxes. Our products prove that we are working honestly.
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