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Custom boxes are the simple cardboard or corrugated paper boxes having plain surfaces, which can be customised into every possible shape, size and structure according to the type and usage requirements. Styles of custom boxes are regular slotted container, full overlap container, half slotted container, one piece folder, five panel folder, design style trays, die cut mailer, die cut tray and partition custom boxes these are styles of boxes which are engineered structurally. Custom boxes are becoming the basic necessity for trade, advertisement, storage, transportation, shipping, gift exchange and for countless purposes. Custom boxes have became a medium for trade and marketing and it plays a pivotal role in shipping and transportation of the goods as it is the only mean by help of which transportation and shipping is rendered easier than before. Custom boxes are also widely used in packaging of gifts as people prefer to pack their gifts in gift boxes rather than to pack in papers or bags as gift boxes bestow good presentation to gifts. If we take example of shopping malls and stores then we heve observed that all the goods which are purchased are handed over to the buyer, packaged in their specific boxes like crockery is packaged in strong and durable boxes as to avoid the breakage threat. Hardware items are also packaged in their respective custom boxes making it easier to carry the boxes. We synthesize baby boxes, ballot boxes, battery boxes, beverage boxes, bin boxes, candy boxes, Christmas boxes, cosmetic boxes, counter display boxes, custom boxes, die cut boxes, display boxes, flap boxes, folding boxes, gable boxes, gift boxes, moving boxes, product boxes, promotional boxes, shipping boxes, software boxes, telescoping boxes, tote boxes and toy boxes in almost all possible shapes and sizes as per customer’s demand.

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Our competent staff create pieces of art by fidelity and utmost attention rendering our company the best company in our area which give tremendous tenders. We provide custom boxes with free color printing as well as contrast printing whichever customer demands, we print slogans as well as nowadays companies are famous by their impressive slogans and some companies are used to print their special offers and discounts on the boxes, we print using PMS printing system. We offer embossing, die cutting, sand effects, aqueous effects, matte or glossy looks, just for free and we provide free shipping transport of our products so click the button and let us know what your inquiries are?

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