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Flap box is a simple box of plain surfaces having flaps as covers and is closed or packaged by using adhesive tapes. Flap boxes are composed of smooth paper products and cardboard. Flap boxes are used for household purposes, in shopping malls, in markets and in shops because of the reason that flap boxes render decent look of presentation as it is more visual appealing to present any product packaged in flap boxes. Flap boxes are made according to the size of the product to be packaged in it so that the product may fit best in the box. Widely used flap boxes in the market are custom home accessories flap boxes, full color printed flap boxes, garmets wholesale falp boxes, stationery wholesale flap boxes, crokery wholesale flap boxes, custom flap boxes, cardboard flap boxes, packaging flap boxes, corrugated flap boxes, design flap boxes, full color flap boxes, recycled paper flap boxes, inexpensive flap boxes, die cut flap boxes, window flap boxes, paperboard flap boxes, custom printed flap boxes, laminated flap boxes, barcode flap boxes, UV coated flap boxes, chipboard flap boxes and white flap boxes. Being apparently decent and versatile, debut of product being packaged as well as presentation impress the buyer. We can sell our goods in best orientation by packaging with flap boxes as flap boxes are safe enough furthermore it is packaged with adhesive tape thus to ensure safety and avoid chocking hazads. We make good quality custom flap boxes with good finishing of edges. Our creative mind artists create striking graphic designs for our custom boxes which look decent and appealing so that products to be packaged may sale decently as well as safely.

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Our flap boxes are good looking and durable enough to withstand for long times during shipping and storage. We also offer printing of  different company logos and their favorite designs on the custom boxes which is printed by modern technology printing system. We print our boxes using PMS and CMYK printing system. Our service is sharp and fast. We provide proof reading, die cut designs on the top as well as side walls of the boxes, we give sand effects, embossing, matte or glossy looks, foil stamping and UV oil printing without any special costs. Last but not the least lamination and shipping is provided free of cost to our clients, so you have to just clisk a button to receive your desired requirements. We prove from our products that we are the best custom box printing company in our area.

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