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Telescoping boxes are composed of corrugated paper and cardboard and are strong enough that can be used for packaging almost all types of ornaments and other goods such as drills, end mills, laps, reamers, tool holders, milling cutters, shank tools, tool bits, cycle or other vehicle parts, plumbing fixtures, and other small and large tools, decorative telescoping boxes are also used for storage of greeting cards and gift items. Telescoping boxes present things in a very logical as well as well-brought-up manner so as to impressing and convinincing the buyer to purchase the product. As things after packaging in the telescoping boxes, need no gift paper packaging. Telescoping boxes are eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable. As telecoping boxes are composed of layers of cardboard and paperboard so these layers are assembled either by staples or by adhesive tapes, these layers can also be glued together by some good quality adhesive solutions available in the market. Telescoping boxes are double layered due to its heavy duty, first layer functions as storage as far as the second layer is concerned it’s function is to provide covering. We manufacture good looking, visual appealing, mesmerizing and durable telescoping boxes which have a good reputition regarding the best quality in the market. We guarantee our unique and thought provoking graphic designs, matchless quality, a wide range of size and shapes and best quality printing.

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